INTERLAND: Google’s Web Based Game For A Beautiful Purpose

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    Interland is a web-based game designed to aware the people about internet security. This game is specially designed for kids to warn them about phishing, internet harassment, internet security and other internet safety concerns. This game comes under Google’s “Be Internet Awesome” initiative to help children of today learn the fundamentals of digital citizenship.

    Although this game is designed for kids, it is fun for adults too. I played this game for a few hours and found it to be interesting and fun. It is the product of countless inputs from educators, YouTube videographers, internet safety and literacy organizations. In terms of medicine, Interland feels like a syrup rather than a tablet for kids to swallow which is a good thing.

    For playing the game, you just log-in to Interland and select one of 4 areas. They are King Kingdom, Reality River, Mindful Mountain and finally Tower of Treasure.

    1. King Kingdom

    King Kingdom

    This area makes us aware of the impact of cyber bullies. The beings in this game are called internauts. In this land the internauts are sad and we must share kindness to them in order to make them happy. We must also protect the fellow internauts from bullies. To complete all tasks, you have to either press a button to put a barrier between the sad internaut and the bully or simply report the bully using a microphone.

    2. Reality River

    Reality River

    Reality River enlightens us about the dangers of phishing. The goal of the game is to cross a river. To cross the river all you have to do is correctly choose the given option. Even if you choose a wrong option, don’t worry because you will get another try. The main initiative of the game is not to trick you to lose but to educate you about phishing. After answering all the questions correctly, you finally get to the river.

    3. Mindful Mountain

    Mindful Mountain

    The objective of Mindful Mountain is to teach us how information is to be shared. It teaches the players to share useful knowledge and discard sharing any junk information. Here you have to bounce light through mirrors to reflect information to the desired internauts.

    4. Tower of Treasure

    Tower of Treasure

    The Tower of Treasure is a password security game. The internaut has to run and collect letters in the form of blocks. They will also have to dodge obstacles using either the right, left control or jump key. It resembles a Temple Run-style endless game.

    In a Nutshell

    All in all, Interland is a wonderful way to teach kids about the dangers of the internet and precautions one must take while using the internet. Here in Nepal, this is also great for parents and grandparents who are not aware of all the harmful things on the internet. Have you guys tried this game? Have your parents or grandparents played this game? Let us know in the comments below!