According to NTA, the internet penetration in Nepal has reached 63%

    internet penetration nepal
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    Nepali youths and their love for internet are not unknown to us. We can see people busy on their phones with cellular data on when getting into a public vehicle, or walking through the streets, might be in some malls or even in the movie theatres.

    Not just youths these days but also children and elderly people are seen using the internet. Especially in the valley and areas around it where most of the population lives. The use of internet might not be consistent per se but the availability, as well as the demand for the same, is well known.

    A recent Management Information system(MIS) report from Nepal Telecom Authority(NTA) states that the internet penetration rate as of Kartik 2074 is nearly 63% in Nepal which is a large number considering Nepal being an underdeveloped country and secondly the literacy rate of Nepal according to CBS report, 2011 is 66%.

    Does it mean that internet is heading towards being one of the basic needs in Nepal? Or is it already? We are yet to find it out as the illiterate population might not be that into internet whereas the literacy percentage is just 3% more than the internet penetration rate as per the mentioned MIS report.

    Looking at the other side of the statistics, it’s been almost 6 years since the CBS report was published so the literacy rate might have increased in these 5 years.

    The education system in urban areas is more or less internet based these days. This also may have contributed a lot in the increment of the number of internet users.

    Availability of smartphones at an affordable rate these days and the availability of network in the rural areas can also be considered as one of the major reasons for the high percentage of internet penetration in Nepal.

    It certainly has made people acquainted with global news and trends but can it be considered as the increment in the living standard of people in terms of earning? Certainly not.

    The internet certainly is growing as a need among the people globally. If the stats provided by NTA is true, this sure is a positive change in terms of generating awareness and for the people to stay informed.


    • 63% of internet penetration
    • 66% of literacy rate
    • Cause: availability of phones in moderate price, availability of network (cellular data)
    • Increasing number of ISP (internet service provider)
    • Exposure to social media
    • Vital for the awareness