An interview with Suman Raj Manandar, CEO of Microdia Nepal

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    We got a chance to spend some time with Suman Raj Manandar, CEO of Microdia Nepal and talk to him about the company’s progress in Nepal. Must of us might not know about the company Microdia, but they are offering a wide range of products ranging from netbooks to smartphones and is quickly making a name in Nepal market for its world class SD cards.

    On with the interview…

    1. So, let’s start with a very simple question. Tell us about the Company Microdia.

    Well, Microdia is a technology company founded 23 years ago that believes possibilities are beyond our imagination. It is headquartered in San Jose, California, USA. The company has manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, and Korea. Quality is the unique selling point of Microdia as it has obtained 14001 and 9001:2000 certificates.


    1. How long has Microdia been in Nepal?

    The franchise of Microdia has been brought here in Nepal by B.R. Impex Trade link a year back. We are making baby steps in the Nepalese technology market. We first started with the sales of memory cards and now gradually we are bringing in other Microdia’s products as well.

    1. What are the Microdia products that are currently being sold in Nepal?

    At present Microdia’s products like memory card (in various storage capacities), cables and adapters, OTG drive and card readers are available. Moreover, like I mentioned before, we have plans to introduce other products as well.

    microdia cables

    1. What kind of after service do we get after buying Microdia products?

    First, I would like to assure the readers by stating the fact that each and every Microdia’s products is well tested in the factory by the specialists themselves. Therefore, the chance of getting a damaged piece is almost negligible. However, by any chances let us suppose if this happens, then we give 1-year replacement warranty in any sort of products that we have launched in Nepal.

    1. What are the upcoming Microdia products in Nepal?

    To name a few, we are introducing Microdia’s tablets, power banks, and mobile phone sets in the days to come.

    Microdia Nepal to soon Launch Microdia's Tablet MPlus
    Microdia Nepal to soon Launch Microdia’s Tablet MPlus
    1. Talking about the SD cards, why do you think the customer should go for your product?

    We are promoting our products including SD cards as the best quality products that our clients can ever have. Therefore, it’s the quality of the Microdia’s SD card for which I think the customer should go for. As SD card stores priceless and irreversible memories, so one should not compromise it with quality.

    1. What are the different ways customers can buy Microdia products in Nepal?

    Customers can buy it from Sasto Deal and Kaymu who are our online partners. Apart from that, we even have distributors in Pokhara, Dharan, Chitwan and Janakpur representing Microdia Nepal.

    1. At last, is there anything you want to say to our readers?

    If you believe in quality, we will make sure you get it.

    1. Do u see the Future of Microdia in Nepal?

    As they say, Technology has no limits and it is clearly visible through where the technology market in Nepal is heading towards. Therefore, if all goes well, I see a very positive and affluent future for Microdia in Nepal.