The iPhone 11 could come with some enticing features

iphone 11 max leaks
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iPhone XS and XS Max did not bring much of an upgrade over the table. That could be one of the reasons why Apple is quite suffering the iPhone sales drop recently. Another reason would be the innovative products from Samsung and Huawei. So to cope with the challenges, Apple could bring some major upgrades over the last year iPhones. And the new rumors and leaks certainly have made us more hopeful about it.

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Major Upgrades on the iPhone 11

Multiple camera setup is a growing trend in the smartphone market. Huawei started triple camera setup with its flagship P20 Pro smartphone last year. And since then smartphone camera has not been the same again. Huawei and Samsung are leading the DxOmark leaderboards when it comes to their camera prowess and iPhones are left far behind. But Apple is expected to make a comeback in the race.

It’s been a fair amount of time we have been hearing about triple rear cameras on the upcoming iPhone. But we told you to take it as a pinch of salt back then. Now new leaks of the phone have surfaced online with lively shapes. The leaked image shows the iPhones with three cameras at the back arranged in a triangular configuration.

Source: EverythingApplePro

Last year’s iPhone XS and XS Max had a normal camera and a telephoto camera with a 12MP sensor. And that may remain the same this time around too. The additional one is supposed to be an ultra-wide-angle lens, which would support the 120-degree field of view. However, the resolution of the ultra-wide-angle camera has not surfaced into the rumor market. Nonetheless, there are hints about Apple including OIS only on the main camera and a telephoto camera. Only the 5G variant could get an OIS on the ultra-wide-angle shooter. Apple is also said to be preparing on a more advanced flash, which would emit more light without an increment on the size of the LED. Furthermore, the new iPhones will reportedly come with smaller camera bumps.

On the front though, Apple could implement just a single selfie shooter. And just like last year, the upcoming iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will come with 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display respectively. Just like last two years, the phone will also feature a sizable notch on the top, which would include Apple’s proprietary Face ID. There also news about Apple improving its Face ID system, which would allow the users to unlock their devices from wider angles. Further rumors hint that this feature would only unlock the Apple handsets from shorter distances.

As of now, there is no information if Apple would rejuvenate its popular Touch ID (fingerprint unlock) feature. However, Apple is said to be working on a new project where the under-display fingerprint scanner on the Apple devices could do a 3D mapping of the fingerprint and unlock the device securely. This new tech, Touch ID 2.0 is said to make a debut on 2020 edition of the iPhones.

Since the camera has been an important aspect on the smartphones these days, Apple is going a step further than just increasing the number of cameras. The company is preparing to upgrade its image signal processor (ISP) for fast and improved photography. This upgrade would also enhance the Smart HDR feature on the phone. Although there is not enough information regarding this topic, the tipsters have claimed the “it’d be better than anything Google or Samsung or Huawei have done before.” This certainly sounds interesting.

Further leaks suggest that the upcoming iPhones would feature a new frosted-glass-like coating. The devices are also said to come with less shiny stainless steel frame and upgraded stereo speaker setup that would produce a louder and clearer sound.

iOS 13 with tons of features

When Apple launches a new phone, it also includes the latest and improved software. And things are going to be the same thing time too. The iOS 13 will bring plentiful of amazing features. The first one would be the highly anticipated dark mode. However, the things won’t be deep AMOLED blacks on this mode. Apple is striding to include dark gray colors in this mode and it would support in the third-party apps as well.

Siri is also said to be enhanced on the new iPhones. The upgraded Siri will support advanced multi-command support, major improvements to overall understanding, and minor improvements to contextual understanding. Furthermore, there will be intelligent RAM management, which would learn users’ habits to pre-load apps helping to speed up the process. The developers inside Apple are also putting their efforts to make iOS 13 jailbreak proof.