iPhone 15 Pro Max has Burn-In problems. Several Users affected.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Burn in
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After overheating issues and durability concerns regarding the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there seems to be yet another major problem on the rise. Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone seems to be having an OLED burn-in issue affecting a *noticeable* number of users. In this article, let’s see what this is all about and how Apple has chosen to address the issue as of now. 

iPhone 15 Pro Max Burn-In 

Apple came under heavy scrutiny after their “toughest” iPhone with a titanium frame failed to survive a simple bend test from the popular Youtuber Zack (from Jerry Rig Everything). And the worries didn’t end there, another issue regarding the overheating of the Pro models came to light and further complicated things. And now, many users are reporting instances of burn-in on their latest USD 1200+ smartphone. But before we get further, let’s talk about OLED burn-in for a quick minute. 

What is OLED Burn-In?

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays are known for their vibrant colors and deep blacks, but they have a downside known as “burn-in.” This is a permanent defect that occurs when static images are displayed for a long time, causing some pixels to degrade faster than others. This is more noticeable in smartphones because certain elements like the status bar or navigation buttons are always present on the screen. As such, smartphone manufacturers generally take several measures like pixel shifting, timeouts, and dark mode to avoid burn-ins. So, it is an unusual sight to see such OLED burn-ins this fast into the iPhone’s lifecycle.

The iPhone is suffering

Several users on Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and other platforms have reported OLED burn-ins of their iPhone 15 Pro Max. And many claim that it appeared on ‘normal’ usage without any user error.

The severity seems to range from somewhat visible to fully stamped on. And to remind you again, OLED Burn-In is almost always PERMANENT. So, this is indeed a major problem, unlike a software bug or optimization issue.

How can I detect Burn-Ins?

You can easily check for Burn-In on your smartphone right now. Start off, by downloading a light grey wallpaper on your device. Then, dim the lights around you (lights off is even better) and check for any icons or visible images. If you have a plain grey background, that means that your screen hasn’t been affected by Burn-In just yet. Note that LCD displays also suffer from temporary image retention but it isn’t as bad as on OLED panels.

What now?

Apple hasn’t put out an official statement about the OLED burn-in situation yet. And Apple technicians are pointing towards this being a software issue rather than a hardware one. That being said, if you are affected by this, you should definitely try to contact them directly and maybe prompt a replacement or a refund. The road for the iPhone 15 Pro Max hasn’t been easy, riddled with issues and backlash, but does that mean it’s a bad phone? We wouldn’t say so. Why ? Check out our review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max to find out.