Iphone 5S vs 5C, 5 things you should know!

Yeah, apple announced two new smartphones at once. Though its been a while of these announcements but the Nepalese market is still taking these smartphones fresh, so we decided to enlist some points the intended buyers must know before buying this device.

Here we go!

The Outside

Both of the designs follow the rigid build structure from apple. I was very much disappointed that apple didn’t cut-off its pricing even though it totally cut-off its design in the iPhone 5C. Yeah, it might be unapolo-whatever plastic but hey, its still a plastic and costs as much a plastic back costs which was not $550 definitely. Regardless of overpricing, the device is sturdy feels good in you hands and leaves some smudges although you won’t notice much of it. The best part to some people is that its colorful now and that might attract youngsters

Talking of the iPhone 5S, it follows the unibody-metal hierarchy of the apple design and really does well to prove its point. I was surprised by the lightness and sturdyness of the device. Its back it scratch-free, smudge-free and of course, apology-free! Like its younger brother it is not available in much of colors,but the latest additions are Silver, Space-Grey and a Gold model.

The Inside

Both of them come equipped with ios7. Although people have mixed reactions regarding the new ios, i personally love it! I believe apple needed a design overhaul and yet they’ve managed to not-let-go the beauty of apple design inside a subtle and clean design which equally complements its retina display. One thing to note is that the iPhone 5S comes with a fingerprint sensor instead of the traditional home button which is a cool addition by apple. One can just put in their thumb or whichever finger to set up the touch id and log in or even purchase with just your fingerprint! That is both secure and viable means of personalization and security until apple doesn’t store our info in their iCloud database, which they said they won’t!

The Power

The Iphone 5C has the same processor to that of the iPhone 5, dual core A6 chipset, which is ok for normal operations but will show a big difference when compared with the 5S.

On the other hand 5S has the brand new 64bit  A7 processor with a M7 co-processor that deals with motion. With the new chipset architecture, apple becomes the leader in equipping 64x tech to the mobile computing. All these things make it a performance beast, no doubt.

The storage options on both the devices can be selected when buying.

The Camera

The new iSight camera on iPhone 5s features a state-of-the-art 8MP sensor with bigger pixels, a larger ƒ/2.2 aperture, True Tone flash. Now a true-tone flash is a method of using two separate flashlights with a timing that will adjust according to the lighting environments and give you the perfect picture with flash! The differences are quite notable as you can see in the demo image. Moreover, 5S has the new Slo-mo ability that lets you capture videos in higher frames so that you can have the “slow-motion” effect later, cool, huh!?

Moreover, the camera is back-illuminated with a larger sensor to allow low-light capabilities.

But we the 5C, all these abilities is what you can just talk off. The camera in 5C is same as to that of 5 with no improvements. So, nothing new for the brother.

The price

There is a difference of $100 between two devices with iPhone 5S at $650 and iPhone 5C at $550. Although in Nepal the prices for both are Rs. 95,000 for 5S and Rs. 68,000-70,000 for 5C according to Digital Electronics.


Although both of these devices are good, i’d rather opt for spending $100 more and buying an iPhone 5S than the 5C. Had the price of 5C been around $350-$400 it would have given tough competition to the lumia lineups and samsung phones but nevertheless, apple devices are premiumly priced and although there’s no reason for spending the same amount on plastic to that on metal, if you want to buy an iPhone with colors, you are most welcomed!

I guess there’s no competition with 5S and 5C, 5S wins the race obviously. But 5C isn’t that bad either, you can easily save yourself some bucks and get the Apple experience!


Iphone 5S:

Iphone 5C: