Apple to launch impressive iPhone SE2 next year!

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Reports claim that Apple is all set to launch an exciting successor to the iPhone SE, Apple’s 4-inch handset. It was introduced in 2016 and had taken up a niche market since its launch. Rumors follow that the firm was planning this move from early August this year and that the upcoming iPhone SE2 will be using the A10 chip that is used in iPhone 7. The device is rumored to launch in the first quarter of next year. Along with the A10 chipset, it is said that iPhone SE2 will be using the iOS 11 operating system.

The iPhone SE2 will surely cost less than larger iPhones.

Reports affirm that the specs of this upcoming device will be the same as the last one; variations will be brought about in the storage capacity (32GB and 128GB). Nonetheless, the phone may have a slightly larger screen measuring 4-4.2 inches.

Sources also reveal that the iPhone SE2 is to start selling in the Indian market first before actually being shipped to other markets with a hope to penetrate deeply into the Indian market. Apple is working hard to establish the iPhone market in India and has committed more energy and money to be able to do so. Further, it seems that the company is trying to make India ‘the next China’ for itself.

Apple is all set to start productions in India and is in talks with the Bangalore and Karnataka government to acquire land and triple its capacity for a new production line.

The iPhone SE has same the performance as the iPhone 6S and delivers amazing battery improvements, which was priced at $399 only.

While there is very less known about the new iPhone SE, it can certainly ignite enthusiasm among its existing user base and may even attract other users, which of course is what the company aims.