iQOO launches its first ever smartwatch alongside the Neo 9 series

iQOO Watch Price In Nepal
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iQOO has launched its inaugural smartwatch, the iQOO Watch, alongside the iQOO Neo 9 series and the iQOO TWS 1e earbuds, promising a comprehensive and innovative lineup. In this article, let’s dive into discussing the latest iQOO Watch, Price in Nepal, features, Specifications, and more.

iQOO Watch Overview

Design and Display

The iQOO Watch, in particular, had been a focal point of curiosity, until iQOO revealed its official design and customizable strap options with the launch. Offering silicone, leather, and woven straps in various colors, iQOO aims to cater to diverse tastes in the smartwatch market.

iQOO watch straps and colors

Moving beyond aesthetics, the iQOO Watch boasts a 3D curved glass dial with a 1.43-inch  AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels showing a range of watch faces from outer space-themed designs to classic and sporty appearances. Impressively lightweight at just 36 grams, the watch ensures optimal user comfort with easy-to-install watchbands and intuitive crown navigation supporting rotation and button presses.

Features and Battery Life

Functionality takes center stage, with the smartwatch offering dual-mode capabilities, supporting both eSIM and Bluetooth connectivity. It has a battery of 505 mAh and in eSIM mode, users can enjoy up to 7 days of battery life, extending to an impressive 16 days in Bluetooth mode. The incorporation of eSIM technology equips the watch with independent communication capabilities, enhancing its practicality in real-world scenarios.

iQOO Watch design

OS and Additional Features

Internally powered by Vivo’s proprietary BlueOS operating system, the iQOO Watch goes beyond the conventional by incorporating advanced health monitoring features, including an 8-channel heart rate sensor and a 16-channel blood oxygen sensor – catering to the needs of health-conscious individuals.

iQOO Watch Specifications

  • Display: 1.43-inch AMOLED Screen
  • Resolution: 466 x 466 pixels
  • Watch faces: Outer space-themed, classic, and sporty designs
  • Weight: 36 grams
  • Strap options: Silicone, leather, and woven
  • Connectivity: Dual-mode functionality with eSIM and Bluetooth
  • Battery: 505 mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 7 days in eSIM mode, 16 days of battery life in Bluetooth mode
  • OS: Vivo’s BlueOS operating system
  • Health monitoring features: 8-channel heart rate sensor, 16-channel blood oxygen sensor
  • Sensors: Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitor, heart rate sensor, and calorie tracker
  • Extras: Bluetooth calling support

iQOO Watch Price in Nepal

The iQOO Watch starts at CNY 1099, as the e-sim variant costs CNY 1299. Although the smartwatch is not available in Nepal atm, the expected iQOO Watch price in Nepal for the standard version is approximately Rs 24,750 whereas the expected price for the e-sim variant is approx. Rs 29,000.

Smartwatch Price in China Price in Nepal( Expected)
iQOO Watch (Standard) CNY 1,099 Rs 24,750
iQOO Watch (e-sim) CNY 1,299 Rs 29,000
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