JBL Clip 2 Now Available in Nepal

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    Evolution Trading Pvt. Ltd., the authorized distributor of JBL products in Nepal, has introduced JBL Clip 2 in the market of Nepal. This new ultraportable Bluetooth speaker from JBL now can be easily purchased at MRP of NRs. 8,000 from the outlets of Evo Store. JBL Clip 2 is the successor to JBL’s widely accepted budget friendly portable speaker JBL Clip.

    The JBL Clip 2 has kept the same hockey-puck design like its predecessors. What has changed is the new stylish yet sturdy fabric in place of hard plastic speaker grills. It feels as good in the hand as it looks with its soft rubberized plastic housing at the button. It comes in five different color options of Blue, Black, Red, Grey, and Teal. Like its predecessors, permanently attached Aux cable with 3.5 mm jack is wrapped perfectly along its edge which can be used with devices that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity in them. The best improvement here is the real carabiner in place of plastic clip. Now, it’s much easier to clip the speaker to your belt loop or bags or anywhere you think it fits.

    Now, the battery is of 730 mAh as compared to 600 mAh of older JBL clip. This addition in battery capacity can be felt as well. The speaker now is said to give 8 hours of playback time as compared to 5 hours from its predecessors. The speaker’s performance is just too damn good considering its size and price. It does well while producing mids and lows but distorts a bit in the highs. The vocals sound too immersive and any acoustic music will sound the best. There’s enough of bass but the device struggles a bit while playing some bass heavy tracks but that’s something we can simply ignore.

    Its speakerphone capabilities are mind blowing with echo and noise cancellation mic. The 3W speaker is sufficient enough to turn your small parties into musical ones. The volume outdoors is decent too but might fade out in a noisy party environment. It has 15 different volume levels and volume levels are too good. The speaker can be quiet enough for you to listen to your favorite songs before bed and is loud enough to accompany you in your hiking.

    Its IPX7 water resistance rating is a must-have feature for any portable speakers.

    You can easily charge it in around 2.5 hours via microUSB cable through your PC’s USB port or any phone’s wall adapter does the job as long as its output voltage is 5 volts. The speaker’s LED light turns red while charging and the light turns off when it’s fully charged.

    The Bluetooth connectivity is pretty strong unless your phone and speakers are over 20 feet away. That is when the skipping occurs. You can trigger the Google Now or Siri by long-pressing the phone button.

    JBL clip 2 is undoubtedly one of the best portable Bluetooth speaker currently available in the market. Its IPX7 water resistance rating is a must-have feature for any portable speakers. You can expect our detailed video review on this product hopefully at the end of this week or early next week.

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