New JBL headphones in Nepal

JBL headphones in Nepal
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Evo Store, DurbarMarg has introduced two new wireless headphones from JBL — E40BT and E50BT. The American audio electronics company offers decent sound quality, great battery life and is comfortable to use.

JBL headphones are not popular in Nepal due to its price in the market. But still Evo store has created this opportunity for headphone lovers. Also it can be said that its a  good chance for people who want to buy JBL headphones in Nepal and are choosy with headphones to grab it.

The only question mark is, Is this head phone as good to spend Rs. 12,000 to 16,500 in context to Nepal. There may be 2 sides of this story. One from the end of medium class people who will put a frown on their face to see the price. But the people willing to spend this amount for this JBL headphones, and yes that can be a great choice too.

Though there is a slight difference in size of these two products, the quality of sound produced by these two are almost the same. When we listened to the audio file which was 128 kbps in both of the headphones we were not able to spot that much of difference experience. But higher the bit rate we can be able to spot difference in your hearing experience. But you may want to Evo Store (with Audio higher bit rate audio files) to hear a better Sound experience. I would also recommend hearing soundscape with these headphones for good sound experience.

These both headphones are powered by rechargeable battery that offers a battery life of 18 Hrs. Though, they can also be played by an external wire, without using the battery. The headphones are wireless as well. That means they can be played via Bluetooth and is compatible with both iOS and Android. They don’t need Bluetooth connectivity if they are played through wire.

Features JBL E40BT JBL E50BT
Fit Style On-ear Over-the-ear
Earcup Type Closed Closed
Noise-canceling No No
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Frequency Response 20-22k Hz 20-22k Hz
Sensitivity 114 dB 115 dB
Impedance 32 Ohms 32 Ohms
Weight 285gms 204gms
Cord Length 40″ 40″
Built-in Microphone Yes Yes
Volume Control Yes Yes

Price of JBL Headphones in Nepal

The price of JBL E40BT the headphones would be Rs.12,500. And JBL E50BT would make the price of Rs 16,500. If you are going for one of these, I recommend JBL E40BT costing Rs,12,500.