Jisoncase Luxury Cases for your phones: Worth the price?

    Jisoncase Luxury Cases review
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    If you have a phone, you have a case on it. Almost all of us do. Given that cases reduce the original look and feel of your phone. But you wouldn’t want to drop it and lose it all at once, would you? And so, we’re always looking for cases to cover our phones – one that will look, feel and work good. For that very purpose, we have here the Jisoncase, which is pretty close to what you want in a case.

    We received a review unit from Jisoncase for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and in two weeks of slapping it on my phone, I think its simple, yet luxurious. The best thing about it is that it’s pretty slim! It appears to be made out of PC material wrapped in some suede-like material. It’s somewhat flexible, so, pretty easy to snap on and off. All of it is wrapped in the soft material, so, it won’t scratch your phone from the inside. The buttons on it are solid and give tactile feedback. Its soft lining gives you a premium feel on your hands as well – making it appear quite luxurious! This material is also washable, but rightfully, so, because it can get dirty!

    However, it offers solid protection as I’ve dropped my Galaxy S9 quite a few times from table heights, and it has survived with this case so far! But I am a bit skeptical about it surviving drops from greater heights.

    Jisoncase makes luxury and premium cases with genuine materials for those high-end phones and tablets. Say, if you want something classy for your iPhone, or iPad or your Samsung flagships. Usually, they make high-quality leather cases and similar soft materials. Its all about some luxury and a bit of protection. And they also ship their products to Nepal, provided that you have an international payment method like Paypal. So, if you want a luxury case that will add to the premium-ness of your phones, Jisoncase can give you what you want – it’s slim, feels luxurious, and looks very sleek. Suits your phone just right!