Smartphone Sale On Kaymu Starts today

    Kaymu Smartphone Sale
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    “Sale” the word itself is an intriguing one and can be considered to be a second name to “huge discounts”. In the market of Nepal, to go something on sale we’ve to wait for either new year or a major festive season. But things are changing lately and it can be felt in this Kaymu Smartphone Sale. Kaymu has started 3 days long Smartphone Sale that has listed 99 different phones and tablets from 15+ different brands. The discounts one can find in this sale offer ranges from 3% up to 50%.

    What and How products are listed in Kaymu Smartphone Sale?

    This Smartphone sale from Kaymu includes 99 different products but not all of them are worth buying. Few are even away from considering. However, there are few products that are worth buying. For easy filtering of products, the users can find products in four different product segments: High-End Smartphone, Mid-Range Smartphone, Value-End Smartphone, and Tablets.

    Kaymu Smartphone Sale

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    High-End Smartphone lists includes iPhone 7 (3%discount), Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge (-21% / -19%) and Xiaomi Mi 5 (-6%).

    The options are huge in Mid-Range Smartphones listed in this offer since the listing comprises of 49 different products from brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, Micromax, Leagoo, Obi, Zopo, Lava, Gionee, Oppo, and Others. You can find discounts of around 7% to 9% on phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Gionee, and Obi. Those looking for heavy discounts might be happy to see around 30% of discounts on phones from Micromax.

    Someone looking for heavy discounts should check the products in Value-End Smartphone segment that is getting discounts up to 50%.


    Well, this is a good initiative from Kaymu and we really want them to come up with such offers every so often. That said, this Smartphone Sale does come with much of room for improvements. For example, they could have come up with an exclusive sale of some product with exclusive pricing. The pricing of products does come with some discounts but that much of discounts we believe can be obtained by bargaining in any offline retail outlets. That said, yes few products did get my attention. But next time smartphones go on sale online, I want them to be as many as possible. And, they should cost as less as possible too.