Keep your phone safe, this HOLI, with these three products

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    The festival of colors, Holi is tomorrow; everyone must be excited to celebrate the festival with their friends, family and their loved ones. Talking about loved ones how can we forget about our beloved phone? To keep their phones safe many of us may have decided to keep their smartphones away in a safe place or use an older phone. But not having your phone on you feels like something is missing, so to solve this problem, have put on sale three products that can help you keep your phone with you safely.

    The first product is simple but safe — waterproof mobile pouch with armband that costs Rs. 349. Second is the waterproof armband that you can wear it around your arm and celebrate Holi and this costs about Rs. 399. The last one is the waterproof sports waist bag which supports touch function that costs Rs. 700.

    Even if you have a waterproof smartphone it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe and careful. The product may just not be useful for Holi but can be useful in other situations as well. So if you want to buy the above-mentioned products you can simply go to the link given below and get it from And lastly, the Gadgetbyte Nepal team wishes all of you guys Happy Holi.

    • Waterproof mobile pouch with armband:
    • Waterproof armband:
    • Waterproof sports waist bag: