CAN Infotech 2017: Khalti Mobile Payment App Launched

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Whatever your need might be, it is certain to get fulfilled with you just moving your finger across your smartphone. Although now that we’ve thousands of online services, multiple delivery companies and all that pay per service stuff, how are we actually paying for these services? PHYSICALLY! which is such a burden for the buyers or service seekers. But nonetheless, this mechanism has been working to some extent. It’s not like we don’t have online payment systems like eSewa and others but we don’t have a solid efficiency, diverse services, and security provided by the payment services like PayPal. Coming new to the scene of online payment is Khalti, which was recently showcased at CAN Info-Tech. And in a matter of few days, the app has been successful to gain more than 3000+ users which is already a pretty good milestone for a new service.

Khalti on the first look, with all the material design and animation feels pleasing to the eyes. Using the app is also dead simple, you just have to Sign Up for the service, once you’re logged in you are provided with a Dashboard with a list of services supported by Khalti like: Mobile Topup, Landline Bill Payment, Dish Home Recharge, Sim TV Recharge, ADSL Bill Payment, Recharge Cards, Subisu and Worldlink Bill Payment. These are a whole lot of useful services but the option of online payment is still isn’t there and it is something we can hope to see in the future.

The good thing about recharging your phone with Khalti is that you’ll be rewarded with extra 2% cash back. Although you have the option to pay Worldlink Bill, it is supported for Volume based users only. With this app, you can also easily transfer the fund to other users which is a neat feature.

To get started with all the transactions, first you need to load your account with some fund and this is where the limitation of the app is reckoned. For now, you’re only allowed to load fund if you have an account on Nepal Investment Bank. The company is planning to partner with other major banks as well in the future. But if you already have an account on Nepal Investment Bank then online payment doesn’t get easier than this. This service is straight forward and you can get done with your payment within 2 to 3 clicks.

For now, the Khalti app is only available for android:

Khalti App
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