Lalitpur Mobile Complex To Donate To Innovation Center For Every Purchase Made

Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Starting Saturday, Sept. 10, any purchase made in the Lalitpur Mobile Complex — one of the best places to buy genuine smartphones from different manufacturers in Nepal — will see the company donate Rs. 10 to Mahabir Pun’s led National Innovation Center on every smartphone purchase for 1 year.

National Innovation Center, termed as “Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra” in Nepali, for those unfamiliar, primary intent is to foster research and developments for the economic development of the country. Talking during the inauguration of Lalitpur Mobile Expo (Sept 9-Sept 19), Mahabir Pun said,

The initiatiaion of donating Rs.10 on every mobile purchase is huge for funding young engineers and scientists of nepal. few years ago, a group of engineers didn’t have enough funding to complete a project. Now they are in abroad. the Rs.10/purchase might look small on papers, but it really adds up and will make a significant impact for the development of science and technology.

Mr. Mahabir Pun is well known for his scrupulous work in providing internet access, electronic commerce, education, telemedicine, environmental and agricultural services to a number of remote villages in Nepal, using wireless technologies. According to officials from Lalitpur Mobile Complex, they expect 1000-1500 smartphone purchase every month, and they expect more than 2000 smartphone purchase during the expo.