Lemon Mobiles to Start manufacturing Plant in Nepal

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    On Wednesday, Dec 24th, Indian phone manufacturer Fastrack Communication Pvt Ltd, signed a partnership with Prabhu Mobile Pvt Ltd. to establish a manufacturing plant in Nepal. Fastrack Communication is the manufacturer of Lemon Mobiles which has been present in Nepal for quite some time. Out of 28 phones manufactured by Lemon, 16 of the phones are available in Nepal and they range from the price of Rs. 800 to Rs. 3,300. As of now, there’s an ongoing research to figure out, to establish the manufacturing plan in Kathmandu or Butwal.

    Any stuff that is locally produced has great chances of being really cheap. When it comes to tech, we are paying a hefty amount and we all know that well. Specifically the growing market of smartphone, where every other day we get to witness a new product or a new brand but if we look at their price tag they are expensive compared to other countries. Not only the smartphones but even with regular phones, the story is the same.

    Like the market of smartphones, the market of bar phones is also ever growing. Most of the people still carry a bar phone as a secondary phone along with their smartphones. If you look at other places besides the cities of Nepal, the majority of people still prefer and buy bar phones. So, if we are able to locally produce phones in Nepal, the prices are sure to get cheap which will open doors for the majority of people to afford a  phone and communicate. Starting small, this manufacturing plant can also produce other tech related items in the future which would be a great deal. It’s just a starting phase so we have to sit back and see what progress would be made in this project.

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