The Levit 8 Review : Is it strong enough to hold your laptop ?

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Even with the rise of smartphones and tablets, Laptops still remain an integral part of the tech community. And why wouldn’t they? The performance and functionality of laptops come second to none. That’s why manufacturers are producing powerful and never before seen laptops.

Just like laptops, the accessories too are getting high-tech and out of control. Even stands are developing day by day. But they come at a high price, which is why most of us opt and settle for nothing.

But this could change with an innovation that kick started from Kickstarter. Levit8 is a foldable and portable stand for your laptop which lets you make a desk anywhere without a need of assembling anything. It has been made available in Nepal through Sammy Traders, the official distributor of Allocacoc products in Nepal and the price is now available starting from Rs. 2,290 for the smallest of the lot and Rs. 2,890 for the largest one.

The Levit8 has a simple design with a twist up its sleeve – literally. When not used, it looks like a simple file. It is easy to carry around and can fit in a backpack. My review unit stood 13.8-inches tall when not used and 10.2-inch when folded. There are eight creases on the fabric which is useful in folding and twisting of the product.

The stand follows an age-old origami folding technique and boy have the manufacturers implemented it nicely. However, it took me quite a while to set it up. But once I did, I cursed myself for being an imbecile.

Considering its size, I was skeptical at the Levit8 at first but got the hang of it soon enough. While I use it as a laptop stand when sitting down, it can be used in other ways too:

• Working on the laptop while standing up.

• When using a laptop while sitting on the floor.

• Watching videos when doing chores.

Not only this, the stand can be used for other purposes such as using it as a book or clothes holder or as a folder.

The fabric that makes up the Levit8 is water-repellent and stain proof. It is light but can carry up to 20 times its weight. Ergonomic to say the least!

Well, though the fabric is of a good quality, the thread on the edges have started to wear.
The Levit8 is a truly portable and useful stand meant for different purposes. I thought the pricing of the product was expensive but after my time of using it, I have changed my mind. The Levit8 is a simple foldable desk that is useful any time of the day. And while it might not float in the air like its name suggests, it does perform the lifting up work in great measure.