LG G6, an edge-to-edge display? (New leaks)

LG G6 price in Nepal
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LG G6, the next flagship phone from the South Korean Giant, is getting unveiled at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona on 26 February. Following this launch event, the phone will be showcased at MWC, 2017. LG seems to be not so good in keeping secrets since it already revealed what we can expect in LG G6 in a teaser video. Additionally, with the approaching of release date, more leaks of LG G6 is found flooding the internet. In this post, we would like to dig deep into “LG G6 press invite”.

Will LG G6 have an edge-to-edge display?

This press invite claims LG G6 to have a big screen as expected. The LG G6 will have a 5.7-inch screen with QHD+ resolution and the aspect ratio will be of 18:9. But what we are trying to put on light is the drawing that LG has put on the right of the press invite. The drawing doesn’t want us to expect a complete edge-to-edge screen. However, the bezels and chin will certainly be much thinner than any previous LG phones. Hence, we are expecting to see a huge bump in the screen-to-body ratio as compared to that of its predecessor which was only 70.1%. Still, if you are wondering whether it will be completely bezelless then the answer is a straight “No”. This answer can be solidified with this leaked picture supposedly of LG G6.

More Leaks of LG G6 (Leaked Back Photo and Leaked Benchmark)

LG G6 price in Nepal
LG G6 photo Leak Posted on Business Insider

Business Insider posted this photo leak from an unspecified source of the LG G6 a few days ago. Well, this leak looks promising and the G6 seems to be coming with aesthetics like that of jet-black iphone with a shiny back. Unlike G5, the G6 doesn’t seem to have a camera bump which is a most welcome thing in any phone design. Dual cameras? Well, that isn’t anything surprising since its predecessor already had it.

LG-G6 benchmark score

Qualcomm quad-core processor clocked at 2.19GHz, SnapDragon 820?? Seriously, LG? and a 4GB RAM? This leaked benchmark is more of a disappointment than excitement. However, there are rumors about 6GB variant of LG G6 to be available in some regions only.

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