LG revolutionizes clothing care with latest innovation!

LG Styler
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In a recent event at CES 2024, LG Electronics introduced its latest LG Styler clothing care solution, showcasing cutting-edge features that promise to redefine wardrobe management. The new model combines a handheld, high-pressure steamer, the ‘Dynamic Moving Hanger,’ and ‘Dual TrueSteam’ technology to provide faster and more effective clothes-refreshing cycles, addressing various garment care needs. In this article let’s dive into discussing what this LG Styler is all about including its features, expected price in Nepal, and availability.

LG Styler Overview:

Wrinkle Removal with High-Pressure Steamer

A standout feature of the 2024 LG Styler is the addition of a handheld, high-pressure steamer. This innovation simplifies removing wrinkles from clothes, eliminating the need for a separate iron. Users can hang their wrinkled clothes, retrieve the steamer attached to the Styler, and initiate the steam process with just a button press. In addition, the high-pressure steam efficiently penetrates garments, leaving them smooth and soft, significantly reducing the need for ironing. Furthermore, the compact size of the steamer enhances convenience and allows for easy storage within the Styler.

LG Styler

Dynamic Moving Hanger System for Tailored Garment Care

Introducing the exclusive ‘Dynamic Moving Hanger’ system, LG Styler goes beyond conventional care methods. This system offers delicate and powerful garment care, featuring enhanced dust removal, deodorization, drying, and wrinkle mitigation through a twisting and rotating mechanism. Moreover, the upgraded cycles, including the Fine Dust cycle, shake garments up to 350 times per minute, effectively removing both large and fine dust particles.

Dual TrueSteam Technology for Precise Fabric Care

The LG Styler’s ‘Dual TrueSteam’ technology employs two heaters, allowing precise control over steam spray volume and strength. This innovation is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics such as silk and cashmere, as it delivers gentle fabric care through optimized steam-flow control. The technology also powers the Styler’s Sanitary cycle, eliminating over 99.99% of germs and 11 different kinds of harmful bacteria, ensuring hygienically clean clothes.

LG Styler for fabric care

LG Styler: Versatility 

For user-friendly management, the new Styler incorporates an intuitive LCD touchscreen, simplifying course selection. Additionally, the new Styler features a built-in ventilation system that circulates air throughout the room. The dehumidification function can collect up to 10 liters of moisture from the room, preventing clothes from becoming damp after being refreshed. The time-saving Pants Press, with its upgraded hanging structure, ensures sharper, wrinkle-free creases.

LG Styler Price in Nepal and Availability

The LG Styler is only available in a select few places like the US, U.K., Australia, and Canada, and starts at USD 1299. If it makes it here, we expect the LG Styler Price in Nepal to be around NPR 199,999.

Smart Closet Price in the US Price in Nepal (Expected)
LG Styler USD 1,299 NPR 199,999

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