License Application Form Submission Process Now Online

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    Gone are the days when you have to sacrifice your sweet dreams and be in the line in the middle of the night in the pursuit of submitting license application form. In order to save you from this trouble, online service for the submission of the license application form is going to get started. As informed by the Department of Transport Management (DoTM), this service will come effectively from this Sunday i.e. 25th of December, 2016 (2073 Poush 10). As per the DoTM, this service has been put forward with the primary purpose of crowd management in the line for the submission of the form.

    According to the DoTM, the Engineering works regarding the project is being carried out in Singha Durbar after the software installation process. And as informed, there will be a formal inauguration of the system this Sunday.

    How to submit the form?

    The online service will come effective after the inauguration process. And informed by the DoTM, the form submission process involves the following procedures:-
    1. Click on this link
    2. In this page, you can see a photo like this.

    License Application form





    3. Click on “Online Driving License Form”.
    4. After clicking on “Online Driving License Form”, you will be taken to another page, where you will have to provide the information in the required fields.
    5. As you are done with the form filling process, click to submit information.
    6. For every submitted form, the applicant will get a document. The document should be printed. The document contains the time and place, where the photos and fingerprint procedure are done.
    7. As you are done with the above procedures, you are good to go with the license exams.

    For every submitted form, a unique time is provided, which helps to reduce the crowd. DoTM has put forward this project for the crowd management during the time of form submission. However, if this service comes effective, not only the employee of the Management will get relieved from the workload but also the public will be saved from the trouble of being in the line since the late night. However, this service will be currently centralized in the Kathmandu valley only.