List of Motorola Smartphones to get Android Marshmallow

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Motorola has revealed the list of smartphones that will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Surprisingly, they have left out Moto E (both the original and the 2015 version) and the first-gen Moto G.

Here is the initial list of Motorola smartphones to get the updates:

  1. Moto X Pure Edition (2015)
  2. Moto X Pure Edition (2014)
  3. Moto X Play
  4. Moto X Style
  5. Moto X (2nd Gen.)
  6. Moto G (3rd Gen.)
  7. Moto G (2nd Gen.)
  8. DROID Turbo
  9. Moto MAXX 2014
  10. Moto Turbo 2014

Motorola also announced that they won’t offer Moto Migrate and Moto Connect as a preload on new devices. So, what do you think of Motorola’s Marshmallow plan? Do you think they were right to ditch Moto E and Moto G first gen?