MasterCard adds Fingerprint scanner on their payment system

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    MasterCard has just introduced a new card with a fingerprint scanner. This means you will not have to enter or remember your PIN codes anymore.

    The way this works is there is a fingerprint sensor located on the upper right corner of your card. You will have to get your fingers scanned by your bank. They allow you to store up to two fingerprints and both of the fingerprints need to be yours.

    mastercard fingerprint card

    These new cards will no longer have a magnet strip. Instead, they will come along with a chip and pin due to security reasons.

    The early adopters from South Africa say that the authentication process is quick and overall more convenient that entering your PIN. Mastercard does plan to roll out this tech globally in 2017. The only obstacle now is that your bank needs to adopt this tech before you can use it.