MediaTek’s 3nm chip promises faster speed, and lower power usage

MediaTek chipset
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MediaTek is widely expected to announce the flagship Dimensity 9300 chipset in the fourth quarter of this year, with plans to power certain flagship phones in 2024. Likewise, a reliable source on Weibo, Digital Chat Station, has indicated that MediaTek along with TSMC has completed the chip design for another chipset using 3nm process and is prepared for its production, possibly the Dimensity 9400.

So, in this article, we will explore the expected performance boost this upcoming chipset will bring, the devices it is likely to power, and more.

MediaTek’s 3nm chip Overview


MediaTek placed a 3nm TSMC process and 5nm N5 TSMC together through which certain conclusions were derived. The new process increases speed by 18%, all while maintaining the same power consumption as the 5nm version. Moreover, when operating at the previous speed (5nm), the new process reduces power consumption by 32%. Additionally, this process brings about an approximately 60% increase in logic density.

MediaTek's 3nm chip probably the Dimensity 9400

Having said this, it is unclear how the chipset will function as compared to the 4nm process, integrated into most of the flagship chips nowadays. Also, Digital Chat Station pointed out that it the unsure if this chipset will follow ARM’s public version architecture with 4*X5 and 4*A730 cores for this upcoming 3nm chipset.

Will it only power phones?

It seems likely that MediaTek’s 3nm chipset won’t just be limited to Android phones. MediaTek has confirmed that this chipset will be integrated to power a range of devices, including phones, tablets, cars, and other devices

MediaTek’s 3nm chip Availability:

As of now, it appears highly likely that the chipset based on the 3nm process will be the Dimensity 9400. Its commercial availability is expected in the latter half of 2024. We are likely to see it in devices around 2025.