Meizu Super mCharge Tech Lets You Achieve 0 to 60% Charge in 10 mins

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Mobile technology has been developing expeditiously; We’re seeing a faster processor, better display, better cameras and better everything we can imagine on our smartphones, except for the battery life of the phone. Although the battery sizes have significantly improved in the past few years, but the backup we get from them is nowhere near what we would want. So instead of trying to improve the battery backup time, it will be a better to improve the battery charging time. And that is what Meizu did at the MWC this time with their new Super mCharge technology.


MCharge has come a long way and the one they are previewing at the MWC is already the fourth generation of that technology. mCharge uses a high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electric power transmission system. The charger used for the mCharge is rated at 11V/5A for 55W. If you are curious if it’s fast enough, the fastest charger from OnePlus (Dash Charge) delivers 5V/4A for 20W. The maximum temperature of the battery will be 39C and you should be able to comfortably use the phone while plugged in a wall. Meizu has also used USB cables that can hold up to 160W (20V/8A) of electricity which the company claims are extremely safe.

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Meizu claims their charging technology is 11 times faster than the iPhone 7 and 3.6 times faster than the Galaxy S7 charging. So with this technology, you should be able to charge your phone up to 60% within 10 mins and your phone will be completely charged within 20mins, which is insane! The battery remains over 80% capacity even after 800 complete charge and discharge cycles. Based on Meizu’s data analysis, the battery’s service life exceeds more than two years.

Picture Credit: GSMArena

So at the end, it all comes down to the charger, and it’s HUGE! If you compare it side by side with the Meizu M5s with a 5.2-inch display, the charger is almost as big as the phone. But it’s the weight that world can carry if they can get their phone fully charged in 20 minutes. Well if you ‘re excited about mCharge, don’t be just yet. This technology won’t be out until 1 or 2 years and for now, we can look into the future and feel hopeful for something exciting that is being created.