Mero Surakshya – Much awaited mobile protection platform launched!

    Mero Surakshya Mobile Protection plan
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    A smartphone is one of the most valued possessions in a person’s life and it’s also one of the possessions that are at highest risk of damage. Around 38% of people damage their phones by dropping it right out of their hands while 45% of the people accidentally damage their phones while watching TV, cooking in the kitchen and oftentimes even in the bathroom!

    Most of us love our smartphones with our lives and it is definitely something that needs insurance against risk and damage of all kinds. Sadly, here in Nepal, we hadn’t come across any kind of mobile insurance schemes or policies. But, now there is one less thing for us to worry about! Mero Surakshya has launched with an aim to shield your device against things that manufacturer warranty does not!

    So, what is Mero Surakshya?

    Mero Surakshya is a distinctive smartphone protection plan which covers the cost of repairing or replacing your phone if lost, stolen or damaged. Similarly, it not only provides protection schemes for your phone but also ensures that your data is secure! So, if your smartphone suffers damage of any kind, Mero Surakshya will replace your old smartphone with a new one within 7 days.

    Thus, Mero Surakshya is a platform where you can get insurance for the possible damages that happen to your smartphone!

    How Mero Surakshya works?

    You can get the Mero Surakshya app in the Appstore and Playstore. So, users need to install the application and activate protection plan for their mobile phones. In doing so, payment can be made through  15 commercial banks and services like Khalti and ipay or through Door to Door service.

    Users who activate the plan need to pay 5% fo their mobile invoice value (cost price) and users can get a new phone on loss or damage of their old mobile phones within 7 days. Further, the service is available for all kinds of smartphones of any company.

    Here is the link to download Mero Surakshya app for Playstore:

    Download Android App Here

    Mero Surakshya offers various features for the protection of your mobile phone like,

    • Antivirus protection
    • Gadget Security
    • Data backup
    • Track or block lost or stolen smartphones
    • Authorized services
    • Coverage against fake calls, etc

    What is Mero Surakshya aspiring to offer to its costumers?

    It offers a wide range of protection against various types of damages like,

    • fire damage
    • liquidity damage
    • accidental damage
    • loss or theft
    • data backup
    • credit talk balance
    • 24/7 customer support system

    Most smartphone carriers do not offer insurance policies to cover the possible losses people’s smartphones go through and the warranty they provide is just not enough. So, Mero Surakshya is good news for all who want to have a backup plan for your smartphone’s future.