Facebook Messenger Now supports Group Call upto 50 People

    Messenger Group Call
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    Facebook Messenger has a global user base of 900million. It is huge compared to any other online communication network. Messenger has been improving a lot with new helpful features being added every now and then. And the recent material design overhaul gave the app a much-needed facelift. It is clear that Facebook wants to monopolize social media and be everything that everyone ever wanted on a single platform which is not a bad thing, as a user it would be great to have everything at one place.

    For convenience, Messenger has become an all in one platform for online social gathering where you can do a lot of stuffs which other service providers/apps provided as a standalone feature.

    More integration is what the new update of Messenger suggests which includes Group Calling feature (VoIP) for up to 50 users which is a pretty good start to take on services like Skype and Google Hangouts. I guess nobody wants to be in a group call where there are 50 peoples but it will still be a luxury on the palm of our hands. VoIP on Messenger was introduced in 2014 and now it has taken a step further to become a multi-user communication platform.  It would be pretty convenient for conference calls, group projects and other stuffs. This feature is mainly targeted for Business group who will be utilizing this feature the most. It won’t take much time for Facebook to introduce the feature of Video Group Calling in the near future which will be a major thing for a Billion user.

    The update should be rolling out within a day or two for both Android and iOS and the feature should be mentioned in the changelog. This is a very welcome feature in Messenger as it’ll be more useful and a lot of new users will be attracted to it. To use this feature all you need to do is go to your group chat, tap the Phone icon and select the users you want to call and the app will dial each of them simultaneously.