Meta Avatars to replace you from Messenger and Instagram Video Calls

Meta Avatars
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Meta just recently announced a range of exciting updates to its Meta Avatars. These updates aim to elevate the digital experience for its users. One notable feature is real-time calling with Meta Avatars, allowing users to engage in video calls using their avatars instead of showing their faces. This feature provides a creative and expressive alternative for those who may not be camera-ready or prefer a more immersive communication experience.

Meta Avatars Update Features:

Real-Time Calling with Avatars

One remarkable feature of the Meta Avatars update is the introduction of real-time calling. Users of Messenger and Instagram can now engage in video calls with their avatars, offering a creative alternative to traditional camera-on or camera-off options. This feature allows users to hide their physical appearance for various reasons, such as a bad hair day or simply seeking a more expressive communication experience.

Animated Stickers for Expressive Interactions

To further enhance virtual interactions, Meta has introduced animated stickers for Meta Avatars across Instagram and Facebook platforms. Gone are the days of static images. With these dynamic avatar stickers, users can add more personality, emotion, and creativity to their conversations. These animated stickers enable users to express themselves in a fun and engaging manner.

Meta Avatar Social Stickers

Social Activity with Avatar Stickers

Meta recognizes that self-expression is often best enjoyed with friends. To promote social interactions, users can now include their friends in Facebook Stories through @Tagging. This allows avatars to hang out together in the metaverse, creating shared moments, inside jokes, and a sense of togetherness. Additionally, users can share social stickers featuring themselves and a single friend in private message threads, further strengthening connections and adding a touch of personalization to their conversations.

Streamlined Avatar Creation Process

In an effort to make avatar creation easier and faster, Meta is streamlining the process. Users on Facebook and WhatsApp can utilize a live selfie, which generates suggested avatar options closely resembling their real-life appearance. These suggestions can then be personalized to accurately represent themselves, allowing users to showcase their unique identities effortlessly.

Standardized Appearance of Avatars

To ensure a consistent and visually appealing experience, Meta has standardized the appearance of avatars across all platforms. Whether users are in virtual reality or on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp, avatars will offer a more realistic representation. This update allows users to confidently showcase their style choices without their avatars’ oversized heads becoming a distraction.


With these exciting updates, Meta is committing to creating a dynamic and engaging metaverse for its users. It is transforming the way people interact digitally by providing real-time calling, animated stickers, social activity features, a streamlined avatar creation process, and standardized appearances. These enhancements allow for more immersive, expressive, and personalized digital experiences, setting the stage for a more vibrant future within the metaverse.

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