Meta still hasn’t explained why Facebook, Messenger and Insta went down

Meta goes down on March 5
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Yesterday, it felt like the internet took a tumble when Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger suddenly went kaput. For two and a half hours, folks couldn’t get into their favorite social spots. So what was the problem?  “ technical issues”, according to the folks at Meta, who run the show. But what exactly went wrong? Nobody from the social media giant’s side has spilled the bean yet. In this article, we will dive into discussing more on yesterday’s meta-outrage. 

Meta Down: Overview

Facebook and Messenger were always known for their consistency, these social media platforms are built upon by hundreds of thousands of employees and servers worldwide working together just to provide plain-sailing experiences to their users. And now it feels pretty funny to watch David Fincher’s masterwork “ The Social Network”. There’s this scene in the movie where Jesse Eisenberg (who plays Mark Zuckerberg) shouts out loud ”You know the difference between us and everyone else? We don’t ever crash! ”. Well, this just happened now…

Social Network Film

So what Exactly Happened?

For those who missed this moment of history.  Yesterday (5th of March), just around 9 PM Nepali time, users automatically got their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram logged out for an unknown reason. And for 1.5 hours as long, nobody got to log in and were hit with a weird error message instead. In a turn of events, this caused the masses to display public outrage, particularly in X (formerly Twitter).  People worried their accounts got swiped by hackers.

Facebook Login error

Meta’s Admission

Mr. Andy Stone, Meta’s spokesperson, tried to smooth things over. But his apology, dropped about an hour and a half later, didn’t give much info. He said sorry for the ‘technical issue’ but didn’t spill the beans.

Tech Glitches 101

Experts think something broke down in Meta’s digital toolbox, causing the chaos. These behind-the-scenes tools are supposed to keep everything running smoothly. But one tiny mistake can bring the whole thing crashing down. While there is not so much information on how much Meta lost in yesterday’s crash, people have estimated it to be in 100 million dollars thereabouts.

And let me remind you this isn’t the first time Meta’s faced this mess. Back in 2021, a similar disaster left Facebook and friends in the dark for a whopping seven hours. It cost Mark Zuckerberg a fortune back then as well.

Meta Down: Conclusion

We have so much been interwoven within the internet, that even things like social media have become an intricate part of our lives. When social media gets down for a couple of hours, it could have some tiresome effects on our social lives. Honestly, since companies like Meta are built on OUR data and private information, it is pretty fair for us to demand and understand what these technical issues really were.

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