MI Headphone Comfort launched in Nepal

MI Headphone Comfort
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Xiaomi is the Chinese brand, which is renowned for the manufacturing of smartphones. But these days, Xiaomi has been establishing itself more as an electronic company rather merely being confined on the manufacture of smartphones. On the journey, Xiaomi brought devices and accessories like MI TV, MI VR, Power banks, MI bands and MI Air Purifier, along with the usual production of smartphones. The bridging of these Chinese products to Nepal is done by Vatsal Impex, the authorized distributor of Xiaomi products in Nepal. Now adding to the list of available Xiaomi products, Vatsal Impex has recently brought Mi Headphone Comfort in Nepal.

MI Headphone Comfort is primarily a headphone but aimed with a simple design and light construction. Provided with a padded headband, the MI Headphone Comfort inherits ear cups with breathable pads to comfort the ears. The presence of ear cups helps to evade the ear stress on the prolonged use and provides a good seal for noise isolation. Xiaomi claims that the low 32-ohm impedance allows the MI Headphone Comfort to be used with most phones, laptops, etc. and the high-quality damping material on the MI Headphone Comfort are capable of absorbing the impact of internal acoustic waves on the diaphragm reducing sound distortion and improving clarity and sharpness.

For the proper use and control of the device, MI Headphone Comfort features a gesture control interface with all the control buttons centralized on the left ear cup. The interface allows the users to make actions like answer a call, pause or play, go to next track or go to the previous track.

The headphone comes with a weight of 220g and embraces an audio cable of 1.4 meters. In addition to being durable, the earphones are heat resistant, dirt resistant, and non-toxic. According to the company, the earmuffs on the MI Headphone Comfort are PU-coated, which are considered skin-friendly.

The device is priced Rs. 6,999 and can be purchased from MI showrooms located at Labim Mall and Pako New Road or from the official MI Nepal website and authorized retail stores all over Nepal.