Customers can now buy Xiaomi products at 0% EMI in Nepal

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Xiaomi has already captured a fair share of the Nepali market with its products like smartphones, powerbanks, notebooks, etc. Even though some of its products come with a higher price tag as compared to the international market, the brand has impressed Nepali people for the value for money it offers. And keeping this in mind, Vatsal Impex, the official distributor of Xiaomi products in Nepal, has made it a lot easier for its customers to buy Xiaomi products with a new 0% EMI scheme.

According to the scheme, buyers can now purchase any of the Xiaomi products with 0% interest on EMI. Mi Nepal has paired up with Global IME Bank to bring the offer for the ones interested. But to buy a product on EMI, a consumer must go through different processes. First, they must make a credit card of Global IME Bank. For this, he/she must show their income source to the bank. The bank then deems whether the individual can afford the specific product on EMI or not.

While other banks take a few months to issue a credit card to an individual, Global IME Bank will issue the cards in an instant. But to get the credit card, one must pay Rs. 1,000 to the bank. Also, Global IME Bank charges Rs. 600 annually to their credit card holder. So, there is that. The Bank also gives a purchase order bill to the ones who are issued the credit card. This bill must be presented to Vatsal Impex’s office, so they can provide the product a consumer wants to buy.

This whole process is easier due to the “Easy Buy Easy Pay” scheme of Global IME Bank where a customer is issued a credit card in an instant.

Terms and Conditions of Mi Nepal’s 0% EMI scheme:

  • Must be a credit card holder (Easy credit card processing)
  • EMI on the product of Rs 15,000 and above
  • 0% Interest
  • 0% Down payment