MI Power bank 10400 mAh now available in Nepal

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Honor X9b Ad

If you’re getting trouble charging a smartphone with constant load shedding or your smartphone simply won’t last a full working day, a power bank AKA portable smartphone battery charger can be invaluable. Buying a power bank, however, is not easy these days, since there are so many fake and unreliable power banks in the market and you could easily regret buying one. However, Xiaomi, a smartphone manufacturer, launched a power bank of its own, which is impeccable and so good that it gets our total recommendation.

You can buy the Xioami Powerbank in Nepal for Rs.2,090.The device is on sale from e-Commerce Website Kaymu or from xiaominepal.com.np 

The Xiaomi power bank has a battery that can store 10,400 mAh. The build quality of the product is premium, thanks to its metal body. The 4 LED lights that show the status of the battery are small and go well with the minimalist design. It has two ports- One is MicroUSB and another is USB.


  • 10400mAh; L-ion
  • 1 USB Ports
  • 2.1A (and 1A through single USB)
  • over voltage protection (OVP)
  • over charge protection (OCP)
  • over-temperature protection (OTP)