Apple’s MicroLED Watch delayed by a year because of manufacturing issues

Apple microLED Watch Rumors
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Apple had initially planned to launch its first Watch featuring a microLED display in 2025. This new type of display would likely enhance the device’s performance and user experience, aligning with Apple’s commitment to using high-end tech. However, due to technological constraints affecting the production process, the microLED Apple watch launch has now been delayed to 2026. This article aims to offer more details about the technological challenge at hand and Apple’s planned strategies to overcome these difficulties.

MicroLED Apple Watch Delayed Overview:

MicroLED Production Challenges:

LG, the main supplier of microLED panels for Apple’s Watch, is working to make the production of microLED panels feasible for the upcoming device. However, the production of microLED displays is currently very expensive due to low yields. The nature of microscopic light-emitting diodes makes the manufacturing process complex and tricky.

Many of the produced units do not meet the required quality standards, leading to high costs. LG has reportedly developed a solution to address the issue of defective microLED panels. Even so, this solution itself is expensive at the moment.

LG’s approach to addressing the technological constraints

LG has taken a step forward in tackling these challenges by acquiring a set of patents. This acquisition involves purchasing 14 patents from a company called Ultra Display Technology in Taiwan. These patents focus on achieving a more reliable and precise positioning of micro-sized chips during the production process. This method probably increases the yield rate to some extent.


The first Apple Watch model to feature microLED panels will be the “Ultra” version. The technology is expected to be integrated into the regular models of the Apple Watch in the future, once the production process is more refined and the costs become manageable.