Microsoft’s new Arrow Launcher for Android

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    Microsoft has been testing a lot of apps these days under the Microsoft Garage Project on android platform. They have been launching a lot of their products lately, and one on the list is the launcher called “Arrow Launcher”. This launcher has a lot of resemblance to the Next Lock Screen from Microsoft. And both these apps go beautifully hand in hand. It is currently in beta version for testing so there might be some glitches here and there.


    The UI(User Interface) of the launcher looks really light and it’s smooth to use. Some user might find it difficult to use the vertical app drawer but there’s a search bar up top which makes it easier to search for apps.

    ldsYou get 3 home screens and apart from that you can’t really add or remove any other home screens. The middle screen is where you’ll find the frequently used apps, on the left you get quick contacts and on the right; notes and reminder. Also if you swipe from the bottom you get another set of quick apps along with the recent contact list. You’ll also find the launcher settings there.

    Since the app is in Beta, you can just change the wallpaper under the launcher settings. And you get a lot of great wallpapers which goes pretty well with this launcher. There isn’t much you can really customize, but still it’s a pretty great launcher to use and might come out pretty great once it’s stable. So until the final product is ready, it won’t be out on Google Play Store. But you can download the Beta version of this app from the link below: Also Contribute in the development of Arrow by joining Arrows Google+ community where you can report bugs and request feature.