Mobile Phones are the third most transacted product in Nepal

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    In recent years, mobile phones have been a part of our everyday life. Some of us depend on our mobile phones for our everyday chores– we use mobile phones for our business transactions, banking services, searching directions and playing games. Also,  I won’t be wrong if I say that there are some people who have displaced their computers with mobile phones.

    The increase in functionality and technological advancement of mobile phones have certainly made our life easier. Also, this has made mobile phones so popular, even in a developing country like ours. According to MPIA (Mobile Phones Importers Association), the business of mobile phones is the third most valuable commodity in Nepal.

    Furthermore, with so many people changing their mobile set every year, it is no surprise that mobile business is just behind Petroleum and Iron in Nepal in terms of the transaction. According to sources, the mobile phone sector sees an annual growth of about 40 percent. And, it is estimated that there will be a transaction of over 36 billion rupees in this fiscal year.

    With so much mobile being transacted yearly, the business of mobile phone has certainly helped a lot in the economic development of Nepal. However, there are still some challenges like growing gray market. Similarly, in my personal opinion, the taxes on mobile phones, are also too high. Since communication is a basic need these days, don’t you guys think our government should lower tax on the mobile phones? If good mobile phones were as cheap as it is in our neighboring countries, the sales would rise even more– at least I think so.

    What is your opinion? Let us know in the comment section below.