Moondrop Space Travel launched in Nepal with a unique design and 35dB ANC

Moondrop Space Travel Price in Nepal
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In the already crowded space of the TWS market, we have a new unique-looking earbuds named Moondrop Space Travel. If you are hearing about Moondrop for the first time, the brand from Shenzhen, China, produces accessories for smartphones and PCs. So, let’s dive into the price of Moondrop Space Travel in Nepal, as well as its specifications and features.

Moondrop Space Travel Overview:


The first thing you will notice is the design. The Moondrop Space Travel has a glassy lid with a plastic bottom. Not gonna lie, the design looks like something out of the future. Additionally, an LED light lies inside the letter “A” of the logo at the bottom. The charging case is eyecatching with two color themes here: black and orange, & white and black.

Moondrop Space Travel Design

At the same time, the Space Travel earbuds have a shallow ear fit (much similar to in-ear fit). Due to this, Moondrop claims Space Travel to be more comfortable than other kind of earbuds. The buds follow the theme colors as the cases and have a sensor at the back for touch controls.

Audio and Mics

As for the audio, you get a 13mm driver consisting of a titanium-plated dome diaphragm with a flexible suspension diaphragm on the bottom. Under that is an ultra-thin layer of CCAW (copper-clad aluminum wire) voice coil and a magnetic and circuit component.

Moondrop Space Travel Audio

Moreover, there are two microphones on each of the buds, one feedforward and another feedback. Space Travel utilizes this setup to achieve 35dB of wide-band ANC. Not only that, users also get to use the transparency mode with it.

Connectivity and others

While playing games, the low latency/game mode in Moondrop Space Travel allows sound to “travel” within 55ms. The Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity allows the TWS to retain the connection with devices within a 10-meter radius. Furthermore, you can use Moondrop’s Link 2.0 App to customize your listening directly from the smartphone.

Moondrop Space Travel App

Aside from that, Space Travel has a 37 mAh cell, lasting around 4 hours single-handedly. The charging case has a 380 mAh battery and adds an additional 12 hours of fuel to the buds. When all the charge depletes, the earpieces take an hour to recharge fully, while the case gets back to full in an hour and a half.

Moondrop Space Travel Specifications:

  • Fit: In-ear (shallow ear)
  • Build: Glass lid, Plastic body
  • Driver: 13mm, titanium-plated dome diaphragm, a flexible suspension diaphragm
  • Microphone: 2 (feedforward and feedback)
  • ANC: Yes, 35 dB
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Companion App: Moondrop Link 2.0
  • Battery: 37mAh (earbuds), 380mAh (case)
  • Charging Time: 1 hour (buds), 1.5 hours (case), USB-C
  • Features: 55ms low latency mode, Transparency mode

Moondrop Space Travel Price in Nepal and Availability:

The Moondrop Space Travel is the only product launched in Nepal from the company and is priced at NPR 5,990. You can contact the official Moondrop Nepal as well as our affiliate partner, Hukut to buy one for yourself.

Moondrop TWS Price in Nepal (Official)
Space Travel NPR 5,990