Muse Ring One will feature a BP measurement & turn wheel interface

Muse Ring One Price in Nepal
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Muse Wearables has announced the upcoming launch of the Muse Ring One. This smart ring is rumored to include a unique blood pressure measurement feature and a turn wheel interface, setting it apart from other smart rings currently on the market. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of the Muse Ring One, covering its features, availability, and the expected price in Nepal.

Muse Ring One Overview

Design and Display

The Muse Ring One will feature Grade 2 Titanium and Ceramic (Zirconia), which will probably make it lightweight. The upper layer will feature a coating and diamond polish, while the inner layer will utilize medical-grade epoxy.

Muse Ring One Design

It will be available in five different colors: Silver, Black, all-black, gold, and rose gold. With a water resistance rating of up to 100 meters, it should not be opened while bathing or swimming. Additionally, the ring will be offered in nine different sizes to accommodate a wide range of users. Muse also has plans to release a limited edition 18K gold version.

Health Features

Users will be able to use the Muse Ring One to keep track of things like how many steps they’ve taken, how many calories they’ve burned, their activity level (measured by the Strain Index), and even how fit they are with something called Vo2Max.

Additionally, the ring will also monitor health signs such as heart rate variability, SpO2, skin temperature, respiratory rate, and even blood pressure—a feature that can set it apart from other smart rings. The Muse Ring One will also analyze sleep patterns and provide a sleep score.

Turn Wheel Interface

The ring is rumored to get a new feature; the Turn Wheel Interface which supposedly allows users to switch between workout and payment modes. By turning the ring to the left, you will initiate a workout, while a turn to the right may activate secure payments using NFC payment compatibility.

Battery and Sensors

The watch is reportedly to have up to seven days of battery life. It will come with a smart charging case.

Muse Ring One charging

Furthermore, it will feature various sensors including optical PPG, temperature sensors, 6-axis accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

Muse Ring One Price in Nepal and Availability 

The global launch of this smart ring is set for September 27th, with the Indian release following on October 25th. The ring is priced at USD 298, and we expect the Muse Ring One price in Nepal to be NPR 45,000.

Smart Ring  Price in the U.S. (Expected) Price in Nepal (Expected)
Muse Ring One USD 298 NPR 45,000
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