An overview of innovative auto-tech at NADA!

nada autoshow 2017
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With NADA happening in the city, it seemed there is nothing else more interesting to talk about. At NADA, we saw passionate automobile companies showcasing their best offerings to automobile enthusiasts, who had their eyes glittering with sparkles of cars and bikes. The offerings presented were so seamlessly speaking for themselves that we couldn’t help but visit every stall and devour what the auto companies had in plate for us. The showstopper was of course the Ford Mustang GT. However, rather than just looking for automobiles with outstanding specs and design, we went hunting for new and smart technologies that came along with normal automobile offerings. Even in the midst of such variety, we were able to handpick new technologies we thought were most innovative.

Ford Mustang | Price: 2,50,00,000

If there is something called impression at first sight, the Ford Mustang GT was the same for FORD Mustang price in nepal nada autoshow us. There was hardly anyone who wasn’t turning heads to spot that monster and why not, it was so extremely satisfactory just to look at it! Well, nobody was allowed to touch the car, which made it beyond desirable. The car was so stylish and sleek in design that it would make anyone drool for it. The Ford Mustang GT is equipped with a 5.0-litre V8 under the hood that unleash a jaw dropping 395.5 bhp and 515 Nm of torque. To tame this power Ford Mustang GT offers driving modes – Norman, Sport+, Track, and Snow/Wet modes. Each mode delivers power output as per the mode’s requirement. This enormous power propels this monster to a top Speed of 250km/hr. The muscle car features an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Ford SYNK2, dual-zone HVAC system, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, rear diffuser, rain-sensing wipers, and dual front airbags. We are hopeful to here this monster of a car on the streets of Kathmandu as this car goes on sale this year.

TATA Tiago | Price: 22,55,000

The list becomes cooler with the TATA Tiago next on it. It’s a regular hatchback powered by 1.2 Litre inline 3-cylinder engine made for the city. If you are a music lover inside out, this is the vehicle for you!  This car is similar to other cars in the same price bracket, but has managed to outshine with its 8 speaker sound system. Yes, this car is the only auto that has 4 speakers and 4 tweeter sound system developed by Harman. Companies like Jaguar and Landrover also use speakers by Harman and the fact that you are getting the same technology in this car makes it sound even more appealing.  If I had to describe these speakers, I would say ‘super duper fantastico’ at the least. The car also comes with a ‘Juke Car’ app that allows each passenger to add songs from their device to the car’s playlist which is paired with the car’s audio player. Pairing the speakers with recommended woofers can give the drivers a car theater experience. The rivals in the segment do not stand a chance in bid for this segment- topping multimedia system.

TATA Tiago price in nepal nada autoshow


KTM Duke 390 | Price: Rs. 7,09,900

The all new Duke 390 reserves all the stunning features from its predecessor including ride by wire, adjustable brake, and clutch levels and split LED headlights. However, what awed us most was the 5.5 inch TFT display screen that came embedded with a spectacular Bluetooth connectivity. With this feature, your ride can show you who’s calling so you can decide on whether to accept or reject your call. The inconvenience of having to stop and check your calls is now totally out of the equation. It’s not all just tech you get with the new Duke 390, as the beast can unleash 43.5 PS power and 37 NM of torque at a twist of the throttle. To stop this beast you do get the disc on both the wheels equipped with dual channel ABS by BOSCH.

KTM Duke 390 Price in Nepal nada autoshow

NIU scooters | Price: Rs. 2,65,000

The NIU scooters are subsequent in the list.  Launched recently in Nepal, this line of fabulous e- scooters is ready to set the pace amongst the queen scooters. These smart scooters are powered by Bosch +FOC power train system that allows you to optimize power consumption, meaning every time you are braking, you are recharging and recycling power back into the system. Once fully charged, these can run for a distance of 80 km range.  A full charge requires a time of 6 hours and you are ready to explore the city. The stand out feature of this newbie is its smart technology. These scooters have a computer onboard that can be accessed through the NIU app and constantly communicates with the cloud enabling you to get real time information like, Anti-theft alarm, power consumption, navigation to the nearest charge station, etc. With these two-wheelers, you are not just on the environment’s side but you’re on the smart side!

NIU scooters Price in nepal nada autoshow


MAHINDRA Gusto 125 | Price:1,79,000 

MAHINDRA Gusto 125 shines bright next in the countdown. This scooter with its remote flip key and buzzer has impressed us to limits. Pressing the button on the key makes it flip open like a switch blade and adding more to it, it buzzes to let you spot your ride instantly. The remote flip key comes with a led panel that illuminates the keyhole at night. The find me lamps and remote flip key captivated and awed us for quite some time. Other notable features include, the find me lamps and height adjustable seats. Powering the Gusto 125 is a 124.6cc engine which makes 8.6 bhp of power and 10 Nm of torque mated to a variable roller track CVT transmission.

MAHINDRA Gusto 125 price in nepal nada autoshow

KIA Soul EV | Price:58,00,000

Next, on the list we have for you another one of the environment-friendly autos, the KIA Soul EV. This four wheeler is an all electric five door subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Kia Motors. This funky vehicle appeals to the eco- friendly as it is a zero emission car and blows away people with its 109-hp motor. The EV powerful motor can accelerate the car from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 11.4 seconds. Powered by lithium- ion battery regenerative braking yield a range of 180 km. The car gets fully charged in 4 hours by fast charging and has impressive heated and cooled leather front seats and a touch screen infotainment system. Now, this is one eco- friendly performer.

KIA Soul EV price in nepal nada autoshow

So, these were the automobile technologies that we found were on the high grounds. If you have missed visiting NADA, reading this should have made you feel better as this list brings to you a quick and fabulous re- visit to new technologies released this year at NADA. This is just a short synopsis of what caught our tech eyes this year. Next year, we promise to be back with a more detailed auto review of NADA, 2018.

Comment down below what were your favorite auto- pick from the list and let us know what awed you the most!