Nano Screen Protector – a high tech gear for your elegant phone

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    If you are reading this you must really love your phone. Who doesn’t right? Phones are one of the dearest things you have. It is with you 24/7. You share every moment of your life with it. Admit it! It feels like one of your body parts is missing when your phone is not with you. So, why not get the best thing to protect your darling?

    We are going to talk about why you should go right away to the market and get your phone a Nano Screen Protector. Some of you might say that you already have a tempered glass installed and it is working just fine. Well, to be honest, I am no-one to tell you what’s best for your phone. But as a tech geek, I think, the new Nano Screen Protector is the best thing out there for your phone’s screen and here’s why!

    It’s very thin

    You just bought your phone for its incredibly slick design with your hard earned buck. It looks great until you decide to add tempered glass to it. We all know that a thick glass layer on the top of your lovely phone just doesn’t look appealing– but you gotta protect your phone’s screen.

    Well, with Nano Screen Protector, your phone will still look beautiful and still be safe from scratches, sudden drops, and hot environment. Because Nano Screen Protector is just 0.35mm thick–  0.13mm PET surface and 0.22 mm TPU bottom layer.

    It’s super durable

    The Nano Screen Protector has 2 layers and is rated 6H for hardness which is three times the normal tempered-glass you might have right now on your phone. The Company says that its lifetime is over 6 months, which by the way is beyond the lifetime of a normal screen protector. It also has superior impact resistance. It will not crack nor will it have bubbles.


    Plus, the nano-polymer technology on the Nano Screen Protector will reduce the risk of phone explosion by 50% (if you still have Galaxy Note 7, hurry!).

    It’s amazingly clear

    One downside of normal tempered glass is that your phone no longer has that precise clarity. However, the Nano Screen Protector increases the color reproduction by 30% so, your phone will feel as clear as it does without an extra layer of glass over it. It also has Ultra-High Resolution reduction technology that is exclusive to Nano Screen Protector.


    Additionally, the oleophobic coating on this nano screen protector helps reduce the attachment and appearance of fingerprints and dust on your phone’s screen so the screen will always look as good as new.

    It’s flexible

    The new nanotechnology used in this screen protector makes it very flexible. You can actually bend it 360 degrees without getting it damaged (normal screen protection can bend up to 30 degrees until it breaks). This great flexibility helps the screen protector sit perfectly on your phone’s screen.


    The only disadvantage of Nano Screen Protector is that it is available for limited smartphone models only. We have seen mobile companies like ZTE, Colors, Infocus, Obi Worldphone, and even Xiaomi suffering from lack of proper screen guards in Nepal. But, with the manufacturing company of Nano screen protector residing in Nepal, the mobile brands can now order their respective models nano screen guard, and we could soon see tempered glass being replaced by the Nano protector.

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