Naptime: Power naps that refresh your body and mind

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    The shout of mom to wake us up for morning classes or the sound of our alarm warning you to discontinue the company with our bed, the result is always bitter. No matter the amount of time of sleep, waking up with such ways mostly invites grogginess in our body. The grogginess remains adhered in our body diminishing our enthusiasm, agility, and productivity. So, in order to solve this problem, a smart eyeshade has been developed. Naptime is the device, developed to enhance the quality of sleep and kill the feeling of drowsiness after waking up.

    What is Naptime?

    Naptime simply is a smart eyeshade with EEG technology. This device is an eye mask, which when worn prevents light from entering your eyes from any angle. The device also endows a set of digital earphone, which plays music from your smartphone music library. Contrary to the normal way of listening music from your smartphone, this device senses the brainwaves and mood, and plays music matching those aspects. The music played from this device lulls you inducing the sleep. So, having this device on, even with a short nap of 10 or 20 minutes, the drowsiness will not come to nudge you.

    Construction of Naptime

    Naptime consists of three layers. The first layer, which remains in contact and closest to the eye is made up of memory foam. The construction of memory foam employs billions of temperature-sensitive particles. This layer fits well in the upper part of the face and provides comfort to the eyes. The middle layer consists of breathable fabric. The exterior or outer layer of the device is enveloped with the leather finish. The manufacturer has claimed that no animals have been slaughtered to provide the leather finish. According to the manufacturers, high-quality artificial leather is used to provide that leather finish.

    How does this smart eyeshade works?

    The inner layer of the device also employs a silver fabric. When worn, the silver fabric touches the skin through which the brainwaves are transmitted to the device. The device employs an EEG technology, where the EEG stands for electroencephalogram. The EEG senses the electrical signals from the brain and records it. According to these brain signals, the device will play music from your smartphone, matching your mood and induces the sleep. When the user falls asleep, the device intellectually plays white noise to block the sound from the outside.

    This device does not need an external battery source to power it. It gets powered when connected with your Android smartphones or iPhones. However, it requires Naptime app on your phone, which is responsible for playing music corresponding to your mood. The device will figuratively poke you to wake up when you are in a light sleep. Waking up at the time of light sleep will not invite drowsiness in your body. This app also keeps track of the amount of time slept, the time taken to fall asleep and also sketches a sleep cycle curve. This app also provides the score of your sleep reading the frequency of brainwaves and also gives necessary tips to enhance the quality of sleep.

    This development itself sound astounding as well as alluring. With so much of people suffering from insomnia and having sleep-deprivation, This device seems to be a cool alternative. However, this device has not yet been released. This device is set to launch in May of 2017.