Waiting to buy a phone? This might be a right opportunity!

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    Yes, folks. If you have been waiting to buy a phone but were confused about where and which phone to buy, wait no longer (except few days)! Because starting from 28th December 2016 until 3rd January 2017 (a whole year), you will be getting best offers from your trusted shops in New Road. As a different kind of Mobile expo is happening in Pako, New Road. The expo is going to be organized by Nepal Mobile Business Organization (NMBO). The official announcement about the expo was done yesterday at a press conference at Hotel Annapurna.

    About Ncell New Road Mobile Expo:

    The three-day long event (from 13 Poush to 19 Poush 2073) will be happening in Pako, New Road. Since the expo is organized by Mobile Retailers, there will be no stalls except for NCELL’s(the main sponsor)– the shops themselves will be like stalls. So, it would be more like visiting a normal mobile shop in Pako, but with special discounts.

    Additionally, there will be food stalls beside Bhugol Park and a gaming zone inside Bhugol Park. According to the organizer, people can also participate in mobile gaming competitions during the event.

    To make the event more interesting, the organizers have planned to put a stage at Pipal Bot, New Road. According to the spokesperson of the event,  cheerleaders from different mobile brands will be entertaining the visitors. Plus, there will also be live music in the evening.

    Features of Ncell New Road Mobile Expo:

    1. With every mobile purchase, the customers will get 1 NCELL SIM card free with 100 MB of data pack.
    2. Customers will be eligible for a lucky draw with every item purchased– the lucky draw gives away smartphones every day!
    3. Touch and Feel Experience of mobile phones so that you can try all kinds of phones before purchasing.
    4. The official launch of Zopo and Leagoo smartphones.
    5. Special Discounts on mobile phones and accessories.

    How is Ncell New Road Mobile Expo different?

    Well, first of all, this expo is managed by mobile retailers. Secondly, it is happening at Pako, Tamrakar Complex and People’s Plaza at Newroad –the largest mobile hub of the country. Lastly, it is all about Mobile and mobile accessories!

    About Nepal Mobile Business Organization (NMBO):

    NMBO is an organization of mobile retailers. The organization currently includes more than 500 mobile retailers and will be expanding in the future.

    Finally, we will have to wait until the start of the event to see what the event will really offer. What do you guys think? Are you planning to buy anything?