NMDA Mobile Expo 2016/17: What, When and Where?

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Nepal Mobile Distributors’ Association (NMDA) is all set to organize a NMDA Mobile Expo 2016/17 at BhrikutiMandap starting from Dec. 29th, 2016 to Jan 2nd, 2017. The primary objective of this 5 days long expo is to accommodate all Mobile manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers and service providers under the same roof .

Raghu Tripathi, general secretary of expo organizing association, said “In the expo, National and International service providers and manufacturers will be introducing high tech products and services”. “Mobile phone company’s new products will be introduced, interaction between service providers and customers and opportunity towards wider choices for the buyers will be the main attraction in the expo”, he added.

In NMDA mobile expo, there will certainly be special discounts and gifts to the visitors. There will be 130 stalls in total, out of which, 17 stalls inside the main hall will be of the mobile phone importers displaying the latest mobile phones they have imported. Visitors can certainly get to know about the offerings from those latest handheld devices. But to buy a phone, visitors can only buy from the retailing outlets kept outside of the main hall. Unlike biased expos in the past, this expo is giving stalls for all interested mobile manufacturing companies, importers, distributors and retailers from Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

The expo is going to be held in coordination with different mobile brands so a little more discounts than usual can be expected but will that be enough to make this expo a must-go? Well, I personally, don’t think so. Looking at the expos from the past, an expo in Nepal is nothing but a hype.

For instance, the well-known expos like that of CAN are now being nothing more than a place to sell internet services, mobile sim-cards, computers and accessories. That are something which are easily available anywhere. So what is the point of going to the expo, if you are buying the same already available products and services? What I’m certain about these kinds of expos is there will be huge crowds for sure. Many of those who’ll pay a visit in this kind of expos will later be disappointed and won’t be recommending any of their friends or families to go. I wish if there could be some kind of real Tech Expos in Nepal that would reflect something new, something revolutionary in Tech Industry. Until and Unless the latest mobiles are being released in an event like this, I won’t consider visiting it.

But in this mobile expo by NMDA, the organizers are claiming it to offer a different experience. The NMDA team is positive towards this event to be a successful one that’ll aid Mobile Market in Nepal through brand promotions and brand awareness. It is likely to motivate customers to buy mobiles from white markets as opposed to gray ones. In this mobile fair, visitors will surely find some food stalls as well. How effective, entertaining and successful this expo will be, is something that is still yet to see.

Will you go in an expo that will be overcrowded and will offer nothing more than few hundreds of discounts? Is it justifiable for an expo to be organized that offers nothing but phones from yesterday or yesteryear more likely? Have you ever been to any kinds of such expos? If yes, share your experience with us in comments down below.