Nepal Telecom offers new and improved schemes

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The state owned telecom service provider in Nepal, NTC has announced a few exciting offers. Ranging from its internet services to the GSM/CDMA line, all of the services gets a few “promotional offers”. These offers are valid for the next 90 days.

The first offer is for the unlimited ADSL users. They can now enjoy internet speeds of up to 1mbps for just Rs 1000 per month (including tax). This will be a huge improvement for people who have been using internet speeds of 256kbps for Rs 1017.

The volume based ADSL users also get price cuts. You can check the new rates for 1mbps internet speeds below.

Volume (GB) Price
15 Rs 300
25 Rs 500
40 Rs 700

The previous rate was Rs 1980 for 15GB of data, so this is also a huge step in the right direction. All of the above-mentioned packages come with one month validity period.

Likewise, the installment cost has also gone down significantly. The old price of Rs 500 has been slashed down to Rs 300 for the volume based users and Rs 200 for the unlimited ADSL users.

The FTTH users can also enjoy double the volume they were getting at the same price. The new volumes for the 10mbps internet packages are:

Data (GB) Validity (Months)
240 3
500 6
1200 12

For the 100mbps package, you get 1200GB with a validity of 12 months.

Lastly, something for the GSM/CDMA users. If you happen to receive an international call of more than 7 minutes within the time frame of a week, you get 7 mins talk time and 7 SMS for free. But do keep in mind these free calls and SMS are only applicable within the NTC network.

All of these new offers are definitely a step in the right direction, certainly due to that fact that their previous offerings were uninspiring. The new offers are certainly not up to par with other internet service providers, but it’s a huge improvement none the less.