How the Internet Is Consumed in Nepal

    This is the era where there are approx 8,500 tweets per second, 1,905 Instagram photos uploaded in 1 second, 48,138 Google searches in 1 second, 98,218 YouTube videos viewed in 1 second and 2,382,430 Emails sent in 1 second in which 67% are spam.

    How much do we contribute in this stats? Nepal joined in the “Internet revolution” relatively late. It was around 2050 v.s. when Nepal got a first glimpse of the technology. Telecommunications sector in Nepal has registered impressive growth over the recent years. According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority the Internet penetration is just 35.70% (Date: 2071 Mangshir). The internet service provider’s are distributing internet services all over Nepal, at least in the developed cities. Thirty-one private ISPs offer Internet access to businesses and consumers, through few, Vianet, Worldlink, Websurfer and Mercantile, dominate the market with a combined share of more than 70 percent.

    Internet in Nepal : Statistics
    Internet Usage Statistics

    The global average connection speed continued its gradual increase heading into 2014, growing 1.8% quarter-over quarter to reach 3.9 Mbps. Globally, a total of 98 qualifying countries/regions saw average connection speeds increase in the first quarter, ranging from the Netherlands’ 0.3% gain to growth of 77% in Sudan (to 3.2 Mbps). A total of 39 countries/regions saw quarter-overquarter increases of 10% or more. Another 39 countries saw average connection speeds drop in the first quarter, with losses ranging from 0.1% in France (to 6.6 Mbps) to 28% in Nepal (to 1.1 Mbps).

    At the level of access network and technologies, several broadband technologies like cable modem, xDSL, Fiber, 3G and WiFi, Ethernet, and VSAT are commonly in use in Nepal. Having different broadband or wireless technologies doesnot make sense when the average speed is still in a low. I personally suggest that the internet speed should increase so as the internet penetration. Looking at why the Internet speed has been least in Nepal can only be the the lack of pace of Nepal Telecommunication Authority to upgrade the system effectively.

    How will  the Future Internet in Nepal be? [Plan]

    According to Nepal Telecommunications Authority, new Broadband policy has been drafted which contains basic development in Broadband policy in Nepal. With the Vision to provide secure, meaningful, affordable and reliable broadband services on demand in urban areas and universal access to broadband services in rural, unserved and underserved areas of Nepal. Also, Broadband access will be expanded across the country with the goal of achieving a broadband Internet user penetration rate of 30% at a minimum of 512kbps and making available at least 10 Mbps download speed on demand in urban areas by 2018.

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