New 5-inch iPhone leaks with Edge Display and Dual Camera

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    iPhone leaks never get old, there’s always something interesting news about what’s going to be the next big innovative change on the iPhone. Following the rumor stream, the new leaks are about the upcoming iPhone 7s or the iPhone8. According to a Japanese blog, Macotakara, the upcoming model of iPhone will have a vertical camera instead of a horizontal one and will have a couple of new features integrated.

    Looking at the history of Apple, the only changes in the ‘s’ model used to be the specs bump, we rarely saw a significant hardware change. But this new change in camera position could mean something different, a different use of dual lens maybe. Leaks also suggest that the new iPhones would come with a size of 5 inches and the plus model would come in the size of 5.8inch. Unlike the 7 models both the new variants will come with a dual camera set up.

    As next year (2017), is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so Apple is preparing something grand for the iPhone 8. Leaks suggest that the Apple has more than 10 iPhone 8 prototypes and the leaked one could be one of them which means he leaks will continue restlessly. Also, the rumors claim, the iPhone will come in an all glass body to support wireless charging and finally remove the home button for on screen buttons and will incorporate an edge to edge OLED display. Apple introduced the Rose Gold(Pink) color and it was an instant hit, now the leaks suggest the Apple will come in a bright red color which might set the trend of Red in 2017.

    The next iPhones will launch in September 2017 and it is still a long way there, so we might get a clear idea of the new iPhone when it gets closer to release. But the 10th year anniversary iPhone 8 will sure hold a lot of stake for Apple, for now, let’s keep our finger crossed and hope Apple does everything right this time.