CAN Infotech 2017: NT 3G wireless router launched

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Gone are the days when you have to tap the cable from the nearby pole and employ several meters of cables to bring it to your home. The problem of load shedding is the worst nightmare to kill your company with Wi-Fi connectivity (except the valley dwellers). And the hitches of being out of the internet in the rural areas might give you a glimpse of the Stone age. However, such problems will no longer come to nudge you as Nepal Telecom has brought the 3G wireless router.

The NT 3G wireless router is a portable device and is capable of providing Wi-Fi anywhere inside Nepal. The NT 3G wireless router got launched at CAN Infotech 2017 among the mass of CAN exhibitors and visitors. Along with the launch of this router, Nepal Telecom is also presenting an offer, which includes a free CDMA SIM with Rs. 50 balance on it and 5 GB of data. If you wish to buy, this NT 3G wireless router will cost you Rs. 5,900.

The NT 3G wireless router has got a shape and size of a smartphone. This device is powered by the battery, which is inbuilt inside it and does not need a continuous power supply, unlike the other routers. And the best thing is you do not need lengthy cable to make it work. The device is wireless and self-powered, which employs GSM/CDMA SIM card as the source to broadcast Wi-Fi data. The router has Wi-Fi connectivity of 802.11 b/g/n serving you the maximum speed of 150 Mbps.

Features of NT 3G Wireless Router

  • GSM SIM / CDMA RUIM Support
  • Portable device and can be used anywhere inside Nepal
  • Inbuilt battery of 3000 mAh providing 8-10 hours of backup
  • Multiple users can be benefitted with the creation of Wi-Fi Hotspot / Wi-Fi Zone
  • Charging compatibility of Android tablets, smartphones and other portable digital and electronic devices
  • The offline storage capability of this device lets you listen to music, watch videos and save data
  • The device can also be used as a Wi-Fi Repeater
  • Allows the use of internet even on the Desktop Computer
  • MAC Filtering
  • Unwanted website can be blocked

Data Package of CDMA

Data Package Tariff (Rs.)    Validity
40 MB 15 3 days
200 MB 75 1 month
500 MB 175 1 month
1 GB 325 1 month
3 GB 850 2 months
5 GB 1,180 3 months
10 GB 1,800 6 months


  • Type ‘bl’ and SMS to 1415 for balance inquiry
  • Type ‘vl’ and SMS to 1415 for remaining data volume and validity
  • Type ‘fr’ and SMS to 1415 for remaining free resource query
  • Type ‘helpdata’ and SMS to 1415 for data package query