NTC Launches Day Data Pack for Prepaid Users

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If you are a prepaid NTC user, there is a good news and a bad news.

The Good News:

NTC introduces day data packs, which, in my opinion, are relatively cheap compared to other networks. You can get 30MB of data for 15Rs and 70MB of data for 30Rs. Obviously, the rates are exclusive of taxes.

The Bad News (the time limits):

It’s “day data pack” so you will be able to use it only between 12pm to 3pm. Also, 15Rs pack will expire in 3 days while 30Rs pack will expire in 7 days. Plus, this offer is only for 3 months starting 2073/08/16 (01/12/2016).

So, if you like surfing Internet, hurry up!

How to get the NTC day data pack:

For 30MB: Type Special30MB in your SMS and send to 1415

For 70MB: Type Special70MB in your SMS and send to 1415

Again, this offer is only for prepaid GSM users. Happy Surfing!