Official: NTC Introduces Loan for Pre-Paid Users

NTC Loan
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Nepal Telecom(NTC) seems to have made a commitment to provide better service to its users. Recently they initiated the 4G service and now they are on to something more convenient. Today NTC has made an agreement with the Hongkong based company, Hemant Trade Center to provide the loan service for its users. Loan service will be available to Pre-Paid GSM and CDMA users.

Loan Service was introduced way back in 2012 by Ncell as Ncell Sapati of Rs. 20 which has proved to be one of the most beneficial services for the customers. I use Ncell Sapati almost all the time. Air Time Credit Services come in really handy when you’re in middle of something important or unfeasible and can’t manage to get a recharge. Five years after Ncell have introduced the loan service, NTC is finally stepping up to provide the similar service to its costumers.

NTC hasn’t revealed how much money can be taken as a loan but they have stated that there won’t be any additional charges to pay off the loan while recharging which sound pretty great already. This service will be in action within 5months from now. It’ll truly be a convenient feature for the users.