NTC offering Night data package, Unlimited Mobile Data (Rs. 90/week)

    Honor X9b Ad
    Honor X9b Ad

    On the auspicious occasion of International Telecommunications (ITU) Day which is on May 17th every year, Nepal Telecom is offering a “Night data package” scheme for its customers. This package, when redeemed, will let users surf or download unlimited data for a week from 11pm to 5am for just Rs. 90. This offer starts from Jestha 4 and ends on Jestha 18. To claim the offer, you need to type “nightdata” and send it to 1415.

    My Thoughts:
    It looks like NTC is trying to lure customers in using mobile data, rather than celebrating International Telecommunication day. We are actually not sure if this offer will let the customers download from torrent. If one can actually download unlimited movies from a torrent on a 22Mbps HSPA+ speed, then there will be a lot of customers who will be waking all night in a hope of completing the series of downloads.

    If you have a good bandwidth at your place, the generous offer from NTC doesn’t make sense. However, if you are one of the ADSL users like myself, redeeming this offer could mean a lot.