NTC released Call Waiting Service

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    Today, Nepal Telecom released Call Waiting service for its GSM Prepaid Users. On the occasion of 13th Anniversary of NT, this services has been implemented.

    How to activate Call Waiting in NTC (Prepaid Users only)

    To activate this service in your NTC number, dial ” *43# ” and press call.

    If you later felt like deactivating the service then you can do so by dialing ” #43# ” and press call.

    To check the status of the Call Waiting service, dial ” *#43# ” and press call.

    Bear in mind, this is a free service from NTC. That’s why there won’t be any activation charges. Plus, there won’t be any service charges of any type while activating, deactivating or status checking of the service.


    Well, this is a must-have service for every mobile user. I wish if they had released the service for all pre-paid and post-paid subscribers of both GSM and CDMA. Plus, this kind of services should rather be auto-activated since who wouldn’t use the service that’s free and really useful. At last, I would like to say “better late than never” to NTC.