Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti announced with more cuda cores, higher speed

    Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti gadgetbyte specs price nepal announcement availability
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    Nvidia is known to release a better version of an existing graphics card with the words “Ti” at the end. We have seen it done in high-end cards before, and now we see it again. The already really powerful GTX 1070 is getting the “Ti” tag to its name, making it the Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti.

    The new 1070 Ti is an upgrade to the existing 1070, but the question here is by how much? The 1070 currently goes for $399 and the 1080 goes for around $549.

    The 1070 Ti has more Cuda Cores than the 1070, and has almost as much as on the 1080. The clock speed also has the same gradual increment, although with 1080 being more powerful has the same amount of power consumption, not that it matters a lot. Basically what you get here is an incremental upgrade over the 1070 but isn’t quite as good as the 1080.

    Nvidia GTX

    1050 Ti



     1070 Ti


     1080 Ti

    Cuda Cores  768  1280  1920  2432  2560  3584
    Base/Boost Clock  1290/1392  1506/1708  1506/1683  1607/1683  1607/1733  1480/1582
    Memory Speed
    7.0 Gbps
    8.0 Gbps 8.0 Gbps  8Gbps  10 Gbps  11 Gbps
    Total Memory  4 GB GDDR5  6 GB GDDR5  8 GB GDDR5  8GB GDDR5  8 GB GDDR5X 11 GB GDDR5X
    Price $199 $299 $399 $499 $549 $699
    Power req  75W  120W  150W  180W  180W  250W

    The upgrade in specs goes in line with the increase in price, seems like Nvidia doesn’t want an untouched price range in their portfolio. The growing competition from AMD’s side might also have something to do with the 1070 Ti’s existence.

    Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti gadgetbyte specs price nepal announcement availability

    In conclusion, the 1070 was already a capable graphics card, and the 1070 Ti improves on it. The $150 price gap between the 1070 and 1080 has been closed down and now, for someone who needs more horsepower than the 1070 but doesn’t want to shell out the extra for the 1080 have somewhere to fall back on.

    The 1070 Ti is already available for pre-orders and the shipping is expected to start from November 2nd. What do you think of the 1070 Ti, would you shell out the extra for the 1080 or just go for the cheaper 1070? Let us know in the comments section.